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September 17 2011

I'm so happy I know I can never leave
even though my, my brain it fucking bleeds 

don't want no friends 
don't want useless fuckers knocking at my door
poxy fucking assholes following me 
don't you understand that I fucking despise 
every single living organism?

I'm dead
— Manic Street Preachers - "Wattsville Blues"
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September 07 2011


July 08 2011

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June 05 2011


Int: Do you believe in God?

Richey: No.

Nicky: I think Richey has a God-given talent for playing guitar!

Sean: That’s why he doesn’t believe in God!

(mass laughter)

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May 05 2011


May 03 2011


April 29 2011


April 28 2011

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Nicky Wire: It's a complicated lyric. What it's trying to say on one level is that any single element is never enough for a country to survive. You can't solely have religion, or love, or democracy. We need all these elements for any country to be coherent. It is also about people and specifically, suicide. There are just too many people I've known who have killed themselves. James was like, "Great. Another fucking song about suicide! I thought you did all that on your solo album?" I guess people will assume it is about Richey too. He was in a successful band, he could have had a nice girlfriend if he wanted, and we all loved him. But it wasn't enough. Whether its suicide or not, obviously, we don't know. But there's a line in there: "I could have seen for miles and miles/I could've shown you how to smile/I could've shown you how to cry" it's just that feeling of regret. Could someone have done more?

April 26 2011


April 24 2011


January 26 2011

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